Multiple Teams · Senior Night at South Dearborn!

Tonight, the Knights faced off with Jennings County in a dual meet. Prior to wrestling, the Knights took a moment and presented their two seniors. Canain Schaefer and Brandon Carpenter were introduced in front of the home crowd while being accompanied by their families.

At the end of the night, South Dearborn fell short to Jennings County loosing 44 to 30. Next up for the Knights will be the Conner (KY) Invitational on Saturday, January 7, 2017. Please come out and support the Knights!

Jennings County 44 South Dearborn 30

106 Teagan Johnson (Jennings County) over Unknown (For.)

113 Victor Antunez (Jennings County) over James (Aaron) Morehead (South Dearborn) (Fall 2:53)

120 Austin Boggs (South Dearborn) over Kyle Nugent (Jennings County) (Fall 2:29)

126 Dalton Craig (Jennings County) over Garrett Walton (South Dearborn) (MD 12-3)

132 Cainan Schaefer (South Dearborn) over Xavier Barberis (Jennings County) (Fall 1:58)

138 Zach Otto (South Dearborn) over Rusty Vaughn (Jennings County) (MD 11-1)

145 Brooks Wathen (Jennings County) over Ryan Hueseman (South Dearborn) (MD 20-8)

152 Cameron Reed (South Dearborn) over Chaz Coan (Jennings County) (MD 10-2)

160 Zane Beineke (Jennings County) over David Blair (South Dearborn) (Fall 0:35)

170 Alex Skelton (Jennings County) over Ethan Chase (South Dearborn) (Fall 0:53)

182 Sam Woolf (Jennings County) over Max Lane (South Dearborn) (Fall 3:33)

195 Brandon Byrd (South Dearborn) over James Jump (Jennings County) (MD 9-1)

220 Zach Dick (South Dearborn) over Shon Warner (Jennings County) (Fall 0:32)

285 Brendan Sutton (Jennings County) over Brandon Carpenter (South Dearborn) (Fall 2:17)

145 Exhibition: Jerret Sechrest (South Dearborn) over Owen Barr (Jennings County) (Fall 1:18)

285 Exhibition: Nathaniel McDonald (Jennings County) over Tyler Thompson (South Dearborn) (Fall)