Parents: Mike and Angie Huber
Sports/Activities: Soccer, Swim, Track, Yearbook, Prom Committee, and Star Mentor
Favorite Memories: Looking back at my four years at South Dearborn, the thing I enjoyed most was spending time with my friends. Whether it was a football/basketball game, having the same class, or just hanging out in the parking lot. I have made lots of close friends that I hope to keep in touch with in the future!
Oh, also becoming sectional and regional champions with the best soccer team 🙂
Favorite Teachers: Mrs. Ballart, Mr. Kirchgassner, and Mr. Gilb- These three teachers I could talk to about anything. They were always there for me and would always make me laugh. I appreciate them for everything they have done for me!
Plans After Graduation: I am attending the University of Cincinnati to earn a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences. After college, I plan to go into the military to become a physician assistant.