Parents: Melissa Johnson and Rodney Hoppes
Sibling(s): Logan Hoppes
Sports/Activities: Varsity Cheerleading (9th-11th); Showchoir (9th-12th); Musicals (9th-11th); Fellowship of Christian Athletes (9th); Prom Comittee (11th); NHS (12th); Star Mentor (11th-12th)
Favorite Memories: Too many good laughs to count at SD! I loved hosting the variety show with Alyssa Baker this year. I also loved that moment when @dogbacon yelled “I love my mom” in the cafeteria, or when people would get on the mic at lunch and hype up the football team. Cheering at football games, bus rides, and throwing parties with the girls had to have been some of the best memories! Bus rides with the showchoir kids were always crazy, and the late night/early morning, after comp steak and shake dates were the best with the some of the crew. Going to Disney with some of my closest friends… There are too many memories. I could go on and on, but I wouldn’t change any of it one bit!
Future Plans: I have yet to decide what I want to study or where I would like to attend, but I do know that whatever I do and wherever I go, God has my back!
Favorite Teacher(s): Doc. Sowders: the sweetest, most caring & loving teacher you’ll ever get to know; Mrs. Elliot: the one who wasn’t actually ever my teacher, but would always carry a conversation w/ me; Mr. Brown: ”read the step do the step” & ’officer hopps’; Mrs. Bender: although she wasn’t a ’teacher’, she sure did teach me some amazing and valuable lessons to life.