The South Dearborn Athletic Department would like to remind our parents and student-athletes that participation in July is Voluntary.  For those that choose to participate in July, they will need to complete the IHSAA Health History Update Questionnaire and Consent and Release Certificate before any participation can begin.  This certificate must be signed by both the student and a parent.   Student-athletes should bring the consent certificate with them the first day workouts resume or email them to your coach in advance.  Multi-sport athletes should provide the consent to their fall coach.  If any question on the questionnaire requires an answer of (Yes), then the student-athlete must have a new 2020-2021 Pre-Participation Physical Examination form completed before participation can resume.  Both documents can be found below or under the MORE tab on our website.

It is also important to know that the South Dearborn School Corporation does not carry insurance to cover individual student-athletes if illness or injury should occur.  Parents will assume financial responsibility for the care of illness or injuries that could occur at SDHS events and practices.

Additional information regarding procedures that can be expected during the reopening will follow before the July 6 reopening date.

IH- IHSAA Health History Update Questionnaire and Consent & Release Certificate (3)

2020-21 Physical Form