Boys Varsity Soccer · Meet the 2020 Knights Boys Soccer Seniors!


If only good looks won soccer games!

I could not ask for a more talented, hard working group of leaders. They are tough, stubborn, cranky, emotional, confrontational, and even a bit crazy at times, but their passion for soccer, their teammates, and life is an inspiration. They are loyal friends and formidable opponents. I am so proud to be their coach, and I cannot wait to see how far they take us this year.

South Dearborn, meet your 2020 Senior Knights!

Tanner Hughes, Zander Clayton, Hunter Ross, Kevin Brown, and Andrew Estanislao

Guys, thank you for everything you do for this team and for me. You have so much potential. The world is strange and cruel sometimes, but you guys make it just a little bit better. Keep that up. We need it!

– Coach