Presale tickets will be offered to band, cheer, and football program families.  All other ticket sales will take place at the gate Friday.   All Knight fans should enter the home gate.  We are limited to 700 tickets through the home gate.  First come first serve.  The ticket sales Friday will take place at the top of the ramp on the home side and patrons will need a ticket to enter the home gate.  Gates open at 5 pm.   Admission is $5.  *CASH ONLY*  Everyone needs a ticket, including youth. SDHS students have the opportunity to purchase reduced student tickets for $3 in the cafeteria during lunch this week.   Those tickets are for SDHS students only and do not count towards the 700 limited sale.  Adults cannot enter with a student ticket.   

Football, band, and cheerleading seniors will be recognized before the game.  Senior recognition will start at 6:10 pm.  Gates open at 5 pm.  Come out and support the Knights, and our seniors. 

Fans are encouraged to use the entire stadium to ensure that social distancing measures are accomplished. 

For those fans not able to purchase one of the 700 general admission tickets you can enjoy the game from the Fan Zone.  Those patrons will not be able to enter the stadium gates and need to bring a bagged chair or blanket for seating.  Fan Zone tickets can be purchased at the fan zone gate for a reduced $3 ticket price.  400 patrons will be admitted into the fan zone. Restrooms are available for those fans in the gym lobby.  NO concessions will be available for the fan zone patrons. 

See you at the game!